Short & sweet: Retrospectives- The fuel for continuous improvements

In by Michael Hunter


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Juni 1


08:13 pm - 08:13 pm

Short & sweet: We will provide you with lots of information, practical tips and exercises to boost you retrospective in 45-60 minutes.

Retrospectives are one of the keys to productive and successful teamwork. Well, at least good retrospectives.

At the same time, it is often the first meeting that is dropped or cancelled „accidentally“ because it does not seem to add value.

We’re here to change this together with you – and for you.

In this short introduction session, we will show you how retros work properly and give you loads of practical examples.

Who is this Workshop for?

ScrumMaster, Teams, Leader, Product Owner, curious people

Your Trainer

Alicia Hunter

Alicia is a large-group trainer and creative spirit. She enjoys the challenge of getting to know new people and groups and transforming thoughts and actions of a group into success. To solve a problem, the word acrobat needs understanding, humour and more than just a perspective. Her word images arouse interest, ensure clarity and inspire others to act. Your goal is to put people back at the centre of the organization.

Anja Möschler

Anja is our organizational choreographer. She lives for making a difference; she recognizes interpersonal behaviour and sets her focus on the whole process. With her excellent sense of situations, suitable methods, her creative brain and humour, she makes the most diverse perspectives visible and thus tangible. In this way, she puts people back to the centre of the organization.

What’s in it for me?

When does a retro make sense?

What are the 5 phases, and how can they be designed?

We show popular formats and sources for inspiration.

How can a remote retro succeed, and what are pitfalls that can easily be avoided?

Self-reflection with the help of our cheat sheet

numerous check-in and check-out formats

What will I learn?

Practical tips

Exercises in the workshop

detailed digital documentation afterwards

Cheatsheet for download

(Booklet retrospective)

What language will the Training be in?

The default language is English. On request, the training can be delivered in German.

When & Where?

Online via Zoom.

Besides, all the participants will receive a one-time link to Miro.

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants is 4. To guarantee the quality and to be able to answer all your questions, the maximum number of participants is 20.

What if I have more questions?

We look forward to your message!


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